Welcome To Our World

LANKO HAULAGE NIGERIA LIMITED, with corporate Head Office in Lagos is a Road Transport Company specializing in the Haulage of container and containerized goods mainly for corporate entities. The company came into being after its incorporation on 5th December 2007 with the vision to change the face of transport sub-sector with particular bias to Haulage.

We confidently say, without any fear of contradictions, that we have pursued this goal relentlessly and have thereby made our mark and positively established our presence in this, no doubt, very challenging business sector, and we are not resting on our oars, but rather are in continuously endeavors at all times to improve our performance and probably be emulated by others.

At Lanko Haulage, our range of services are tailored specifically to satisfy the yearnings of our growing clientele most of whom are high net-worth individuals and corporate entities located at the major commanding heights of the economy.

As services-driven organization, our conviction is that we can only succeed if we continue to guarantee customer satisfaction and provide value addition at all time, which is why we never compromise standards.

The expansion of our fleet from 5 to 60 operational Mack trucks within seven years of our existence and the establishment of other Branch networks in some parts of the country is also a clear testimony to our impeccable service and commitment towards maintaining a well deserved strong presence in the Transport sub-sector of the economy.

Evidence in our customer satisfaction driven goal Lanko Haulage has gone a step further to add to its range of service importation of road worthy trucks good for Nigerian roads to ensure the touch of excellence in our service commitment to our customers. And we have also dived into exportation of Agricultural by-products like charcoals, cashew nut, woods etc.

In fact, our credo: “With God we deliver peacefully”.

Wouldn’t you rather work with us and see things for yourself? We promise to surpass your expectations.


  1. To be a world-class Company in our field of endeavors.
  2. To be state of the art of Haulage Company with a strong commitment that is equal to none.
  3. To run an organization that is proactive to the needs of the society.


  1. To be the leading Transport Company in Nigeria
  2. Committed to efficient service delivery aimed at customers satisfaction at all times.